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At Saimika, we offer you our simple yet delectable traditional Khasi Cuisine.

  • With a burst of flavour, nutrition and fresh herbs, indulge in scrumptious meals at our rustic dining area set amidst the misty clouds.
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  • Have a wholesome dining experience amid the rustic ambiance, soothing fragrance of ethnic herbs, and fresh produce. With an aim to offer an authentic Khasi experience, we have a range of delectable meals that will take you on a culinary extravaganza. Take in the breathtaking views while enjoying carefully picked flavors with our in-house organic kitchen!

Garden to Table

  • Experience a holistic garden to table dining experience during your stay at Sa-I-Mika. You can get in touch with our manager to arrange a time for you to venture into the kitchen garden with the gardener. Handpick the seasonal vegetables of the day given on the board that our chef will incorporate into your delicious and healthy meals. Join us for a wholesome food journey, right from harvesting the vegetables to relishing delectable local food!