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Sa-I-Mika Resort

Terms and Conditions

General Policy:

  • Only one extra bed can be accommodated in each room.
  • All services end at 10:30pm. If you need anything please inform the staff before.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • ID cards with address proof required on check in.

This is a note we put with every confirmed booking:

Please remember that Sa-I-Mika is for individuals and families who enjoy open spaces, nature and everything that is a part of it. The place has all the basic necessities for a comfortable stay but not the luxuries of an urban hotel. We also try to reduce the impact that tourism causes on our beautiful hills by reducing surplus usage of resources, which means there are no TVs, telephones or Wi-Fi in the rooms. We have designed the place in such a way that it gives a wholesome feeling of the rustic life in the hills. We are looking to host people who agree with our ethos and concept. Please do check out website for more details.

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